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What was new
in 2004?

General information about Harley Hahn's Internet Yellow Pages

How to access this book online

What's new in 2005?

What was new in the 2004 Edition of
Harley Hahn's Internet Yellow Pages?

The 2004 Edition of Harley Hahn's Internet Yellow Pages had a great deal of new material. There were many new resources, replacements for old, obsolete Web sites and mailing lists, and a lot of new writing.

In 2004, the book is organized into 188 different categories of information, essays and resources. For that year, there were three brand new categories:

(Web-based personal journals)

History: Important People
(in addition to History: United States, History: World)

Philosophy: Important People
(in addition to the general Philosophy category)

For a full list of all the categories, see the general information page.

A List of New Topics

For the 2004 Edition, I wrote essays and compiled resources for the 61 new topics, listed below.

If you are a subscriber to The Harley Hahn Experience, you can explore any of these topics online, just click on a link. (To learn how to subscribe, see the The Harley Hahn Experience information page.)

Advice and Wisdom

 Miss Manners


 Abstract Art


 Blog Designs
 Blog Directories
 Blog Hosting
 Blog Tools
 Celebrity Blogs
 Communities: General
 Communities: Specific Topics
 Interesting Blogs


 Chemistry Tutorials

Computers: Reference

 History of Computers

Cool but Useless

 Star Wars Kid
 Web Sites of Eclectic People

Games and Puzzles

 Rubik's Cube

Games: Computer

 Multiplayer Games
 Video Game World Records

History: Important People

 Thomas Edison
 Queen Elizabeth I
 Mahatma Gandhi
 Genghis Khan
 Martin Luther King Jr.
 Abraham Lincoln
 Isaac Newton
 William the Conqueror

History: United States

 Revolutionary War
 September 11 Terrorist Attacks

History: World

 Greece, Ancient
 Roman Empire


 Radio Control Cars

Humor and Jokes

 Late-Night Monologue Jokes
 Satirical Newspapers


 Famous Trials

Literature Online: Books

 David Copperfield (by Charles Dickens)
 Les Miserables (by Victor Hugo)

Medical Conditions



 Box Office Statistics


 Air Guitar
 Beethoven, Ludwig von
 Music Dictionary

Musical Artists: Current


People: Famous and Interesting

 Dorothy Dix
 Ralph Nader
 Martha Stewart


 Humanism and Secular Humanism

Philosophy: Important People

 Rene Descartes
 Niccolo Machiavelli
 Karl Marx
 Blaise Pascal
 Bertrand Russell


 I.Q. Tests


 Jobs for Seniors


 Geek Tools

Space Explorationn

 International Space Station


 PVRs and DVRs

Web: Creating Web Sites

 HTML Editors for Advanced Users
 HTML Editors for Beginners

The children's section of the book is called The Little Nipper's Internet Clubhouse. Here you'll find the following new items that I created for the 2004 Edition...

Stories To Read On The Net

 Beauty and the Beast (by Bayard Taylor)
 Cinderella (by Hans Christian Andersen)
 Pinocchio (by Carlo Collodi)

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