DikuMud Talk and General Discussion

A DikuMud is a text-based role-playing virtual reality. Slay a dragon, save a princess, drink a magic potion that will kill you (these are all optional, of course). If you love excitement, adventure and fantasy, find out what DikuMuds are all about.


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Furry Muds and Mucks

People in the furry community -- sometimes called "furs" -- spend a lot of time relating to animals (real, cartoon, plush or otherwise) that act like people. There are many furs around the world and more furry resources on the Net than you could explore in a month of Saturdays and Sundays. When you want to get hard-core, there's nothing better than immersing yourself in a real virtual furry environment, and here they are: the muds and the mucks. (Muds are more for doing stuff; mucks are more for talking.)



Harley Hahn's Guide to Muds

What is a mud? What are the different types of muds? How do you get started? What are you expected to do? There is a lot to know about mudding, and, if you are a beginner, it can take you a while to feel comfortable. Mudding has its own culture, and it will help you a lot to understand the nuances. My mud guide will introduce you to the world of mudding and teach you the technical terms and basic ideas you need to know.



History of Muds

Muds have an intriguing history that demonstrates some of the most important qualities of the Net and of shared reality experiences. Once you become a serious mudder, you will enjoy knowing how muds got started, and how they developed. In the future, all young children will be required to study the history of muds in school. You and I might as well start now.



Imaginary Realities

Here's something to read when you are taking a break: an online mudding magazine. Whether you are a player, a coder or an admin, you'll find something interesting here, especially in the back issues. Even better, you can print a copy of an article and give it to your parents for an anniversary present. (Parents love stuff like that.)



LPMud Talk and General Discussion

Hack it, slash it, just make sure you clean up afterward. LPMuds are text-based virtual realities where you can puzzle out a quest for advancement in the game or you can just find monsters to kill. Discover the adventurer within you. If you are already a hard-core mudder and want to set up your own, check out the Usenet groups to get tips on how to start.


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Macintosh Mudding Resources

If you are a Mac user, I want you to know about this site. It is a great place to find resources that are scattered all over the Net: mud clients, servers and utilities, as well as links to a nice selection of mud resources, including some for beginners. If you need a mud client, look here first. Not only will you find links to the download locations, but also comprehensive commentary that makes it easy to decide which program might be best for you.



Mud Admin Talk and General Discussion

As a player, if you think it's an inconvenience when your mud crashes, think how it would be if you were in charge of the machine that crashed it. Learn the ins and outs of being an administrator of a mud. How do you start a mud, and when you get it started, how in the world do you keep it going?


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Mud Announcements

What's new? What's passed away? Every Friday, get the latest word on what mud sites are up and running and which ones have been put to pasture. Did you lose your favorite mud? Ask around here -- someone will know the answer.


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Mud Area Building

The information at these Web sites is specific to building areas on a mud. You will find programs that can help you (such as "Make Zones Fast"), sample areas that you can study, lots of tips, links to other resources, as well as a mailing list devoted to creating mud areas. Hint: Before you start to code your mud areas, plan them out using graph paper.



Mud Clients

A mud client is a program that you run on your computer to access a mud. Since muds are text-based entities, you don't need a special mud client -- you can use the standard telnet program. However, very few people use telnet because it's pretty much unbearable. A good client program can make a big difference to your mudding experience, so my advice is to experiment with various clients until you find a program you really enjoy using.



Mud FAQs

Before you get too far in your mudding career it's a good idea to read the FAQs (frequently asked question lists). It may take you awhile until you feel comfortable on a mud. In the meantime, having some real answers to real questions can speed up the process.



Mud Glossary

Like all great areas of human culture (art, music, science) mudding has a specialized vocabulary. When you encounter a word or term you do not understand, these Web sites are great places to look for help. Lots and lots of definitions of words that are commonly used on muds and by mud players.



Mud Lists

Are you bored out of your skull? Or perhaps you just have some responsibility you would like to avoid. No problem. Here are lists of all the Internet muds you will ever want to play. The sites have lots of distractions to keep you busy not only with muds, but with documents designed to help you learn about muds.



Mud Reviews

There are a lot of muds in the world, so how do you make a choice as to where you want to spend your time? One way is to read thoughtful reviews by knowledgeable people. Then join the mud of your choice, and live happily ever after.



Mud Talk and General Discussion

Immerse yourself in the wonders of muds, text-based virtual realities that provide you with an exciting realm in which to socialize or play adventure games. Find out what mudding is all about, but be warned: the Surgeon General has declared mudding to be addictive.


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#mud (DALnet, EFnet)

Muds to Try

Do you want to explore something new? Here is a selection of the most interesting, imaginative and well-maintained muds on the Net. To start, go the Web sites of these muds. Each site gives a general overview of a particular mud. Read the Web pages to get the flavor of the mud, how friendly it is, its style, and its orientation (lots of role-playing, adventures, talking, and so on). The muds I have chosen for you to try are 4 Dimensions, Ages of Despair , Armageddon, Eternal Struggle, Feudal Realms, Forsaken Lands, Genocide, Medievia, Merentha and Star Wars: Shattered Equinox.



TinyMud Talk and General Discussion

Some mudders consider adventuring and killing monsters barbaric. Imagine that. These social animals hang out on TinyMuds where social skill is a high art. If you are interested in chatting, making friends or other socializing, you'll love TinyMuds (including mushs, muses, and moos).


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I sponsor the Zynna mud, and I know you will like it. Zynna was planned and developed by a group of people who have years of mudding experience. These people have created a rich and engaging environment based on a medieval fantasy theme with a well-developed mythos. As with all adventure muds, you can spend time talking with other people, as well as exploring. Zynna has five continents, one of which is an archipelago. There are coastlines, mountains, forests, streams, caves, cliffs (which you can climb), castles, beaches, docks (where you can catch fish to eat), parks, an underground cavern, a maze, roads, and cities that have restaurants, pubs, hospitals, armories and various types of shops. Within Zynna, there are a lot of activities to keep you busy, either alone or in the company of other people, so there is always something to do. If you are an experienced mudder, you will find Zynna to be well-designed, skillfully administered, and a challenge to master. If you are a beginner, Zynna is a good place to start, as there are friendly people, a good help system, and lots of places to wander as you learn. If you are not sure how a mud works, see "Harley Hahn's Guide to Muds".