Blind Dates

It's one of those really bad experiences: your friends made the blind date sound fabulous, yet you are stuck in the reality of actually interacting with a person whom you would rather be helping board a plane to the Bermuda Triangle. Don't get stuck in this kind of situation. Check out these Web sites. They may save your life.



The nice thing about IRC is that you can join a channel to talk about something specific, or you can just sit around and talk, talk, talk. If you are in the mood to chat about nothing in particular, try one of these channels and ramble to your heart's content.


#chatfun (EFnet)

#funchat (DALnet, Undernet)

#hottub (DALnet, EFnet, Undernet)

Dating and Tests

Do you date? Do you like taking tests? Try these. Some are silly and just for fun. Some are serious and are designed to help you with your dating. See if you can figure out which is which.


Dating Resources

Who couldn't use a bit of help with dating? Well, the Net is always ready to help. You'll find advice, ideas, advice, articles, advice, useful information, advice, stories and advice. (Have you ever noticed how other people love to give you advice about your love life?)


Foreign Brides

For one reason or another, there are many men who want to get married but cannot find a suitable woman in their own country. This is not to say such women do not exist. There may be many such women -- it's just that they cannot find them. Some of these men look for a bride in a foreign country. If you think you might want to be one of these men, the Net is a good place to start. However, before you start, I have some advice for you. (1) Think three times before you make any commitments. (2) Think four times before you send any money.


Friendly Folk

You can never have too many friends (unless they all want to stay over at your house on the same weekend). Make and keep friends all over the world by visiting these IRC channels. It's fun and fast-paced and best of all, it's cheaper than paying for a long-distance phone call.


#cyberfriends (EFnet)

#friendly (DALnet)

#friendship (DALnet)

Internet Romances

Have you met on the Net? Are you planning a hot romance with a net.friend? Optimists, pessimists and fans of the electronic sociological experience should have a look at this collection of resources about romance on the Internet. These writings offer some practical advice and a little dose of reality.


Jewish Personals

If you are looking for more than a good matzo ball recipe, take a look at these Internet resources specifically related to Jewish people. You can post ads whether you are Jewish or just looking for someone Jewish to date.



Google Newsreader alt.personals.jewish

Large People

Why bother with skinny, insubstantial waifs when you can go for the romantic gusto? Join the people who appreciate large men and women by reading the ads in these Usenet groups or posting an ad of your own. The tall group is for people who are especially tall (or who want a tall partner); the fat group is for heavy people, while big-folks caters to those who are generally large. Spend some time on Usenet and it won't be long before you'll come to appreciate how often good things come in large packages.


Google Newsreader alt.personals.big-folks
Google Newsreader alt.personals.fat
Google Newsreader alt.personals.tall

Meeting People

Welcome to the smorgasbord of personal ads. There is something for everyone, and you can take as much as you like. Non-fattening, hypo-allergenic, 100 percent of your recommended daily allowance of fun and good times. Participate in one of these Usenet groups and maybe you'll meet the man, woman or none-of-the-above of your dreams.


Google Newsreader alt.personal
Google Newsreader
Google Newsreader alt.personals
Google Newsreader
Google Newsreader
Google Newsreader alt.personals.bodyart
Google Newsreader alt.personals.gothic
Google Newsreader alt.personals.intercultural
Google Newsreader alt.personals.intergen
Google Newsreader alt.personals.interracial
Google Newsreader alt.personals.misc
Google Newsreader alt.personals.teen
Google Newsreader soc.personals

Meeting Women

If you are like most men, you have a strong biological urge to meet women. However, just having the urge isn't enough. Some men are good at meeting women; other men need a bit of help. Actually, there is a lot more to learn than you might think, and now is a good time to start. For example, can you recognize the signs that a woman is flirting with you? Does she raise her eyebrows, lick her lips, flip her hair with her fingers, smile coyly followed by a downward gaze, whisper into a friend's ear, smooth her clothing unnecessarily, or move in time to the music with her eyes on you? If so, she's ready. Walk over, introduce yourself, and ask if she's read any good Harley Hahn books lately.


Personal Ads Humor

So you have posted a personal ad and met someone nice. Does that mean you must leave the world of personal ads? Not at all. It's time to read personal ad humor and feel superior to all the people who aren't as successful as you.


Personal Ads Talk and General Discussion

This is the Usenet group for talking about personal ads that you may have seen on Usenet or in a newspaper or magazine. Discuss style, what works and what doesn't, and your experiences. And, oh yes, while you're looking around, maybe you'll find something to pique your interest.


Google Newsreader alt.personals.d

Personal Ads Tips

Your personal ad represents you, so it behooves you to stand out from the crowd. These resources will help you write the best possible ad for yourself (so the best possible person can find you). Important: (1) Be completely honest. (2) Don't be boring or normal (unless you are boring or normal).


Personals Sites

As one of my readers, you definitely have a perfect soulmate somewhere. However, you may need to do some looking, and that may mean reading some personal ads or taking out an ad of your own. If you're looking for that very special guy or gal, he or she may be already looking for you, so don't give up. The person you want is out there somewhere.


Relationship Advice

The course of true love does not always run as smoothly as we might wish. You can spend your time working on the relationship, but sometimes enough is enough. Why not turn to the Net instead to satisfy your emotional need to analyze? Free relationship advice is waiting patiently, just for you.