American Folk

American Folk is where I found out about egg-in-a-frame: a breakfast treat in which an egg is cooked within a frame made by cutting a hole in a piece of toast. Celebrate contemporary American culture -- families, traditions, kitsch -- by reading this down-home zine, guaranteed to give you a warm feeling inside. (And if that doesn't work, make yourself an egg-in-a-frame.)


Bad Girl Zines

Zines by girls with attitude. Bad girls with attitude. Bad grrls with attitude. Grrls with bad attitude. Thoughtful. Brazenly pithy. Girls. Grrls. Bad. Attitude. Yep. Zines by girls with attitude.


Bad Subjects

Thinking for yourself is Bad. Thinking in ways that are not mainstream or that are radical is Bad. That's why Bad Subjects is so good. Check out the zine that promotes the questioning of old ways and tries to show how politics applies to everyday life.



Fray uses cool HTML and a so-hip design to showcase rants, articles and stories. When I visited, I saw stuff -- and that is exactly the mot juste -- related to work, hope and vices. Weep it and read.



Glassdog is a thought-provoking, well-designed literary zine with thought-provoking, well-written things to read. You'll enjoy the essays, as well as the section called Overheard: random snippets of conversation and opinions that were not meant to be public knowledge.


Mad Dog Weekly

Have you ever wanted to write your own screenplay? I live in California where everyone is a screenwriter (or has an option on a TV series), so I can tell you, before you can write a screenplay you need to pitch (sell) the concept. But where do you get the concept? Just sashay over to Mad Dog and use the Plot-o-Matic. Just type a few words, make some selections, and click on the button. Before you can say, "Get Tom Cruise on the horn!" you'll have a brand new film concept, suitable for pitching. (And while you are there, read some of the articles. After all, this is a humor zine.)


Pigdog Journal

Let's put it this way. If you are tired of the ordinary, and you want to look at the world turned upside down through the transparent cup of literary what-have-you, you need to read the Pigdog Journal. It may not lull you to sleep after a restless day of fighting the world, but it sure as heck will make you feel better to get your brain running on all six cylinders. Pigdog: it takes the "biz" out of bizarre, and shovels it straight to you.


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Popular Culture Zines

The best thing about popular culture is that it is so accessible. Just turn on your TV, pick up a newspaper, or listen to the radio, and there it is: popular culture. So if you can't get away from it, you might as well understand it. These popular culture zines are filled with commentary, reviews, rants and articles. Read about television, art, politics, technology, movies, books, fashion, music and celebrities. Boy -- talk about culture.


Zine Lists

Making your own zine is the rage. In zine-land, nothing is sacred. Zines cover topics as mainstream as education, politics and philosophy, and as bizarre as hyperactive armadillos and free verse about plastic lawn ornaments.


Zine Talk and General Discussion

I read a lot of different zines, and one thing I can tell you: people who make zines like to talk to other people who make zines. So, if you are the zine-type, there are plenty of people waiting to talk to you on Usenet. Find out what's good, what's bad, and what's cooking in the zine community.


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