What should prospective fiancés know about Diamonds?

Once you decide to buy a diamond engagement ring, you will face a bewildering array of strong forces, whose main purpose is to get you to spend as much money as possible, while you are under the influence of romantic desire. These forces are created and nurtured by the diamond and jewelry industries, who spend a lot of money (1) to convince you that the size and "quality" of the diamond you buy is of paramount importance, and (2) to keep world diamond prices as high as possible.

When you shop for a diamond, you will hear a lot of claptrap about the so-called four Cs. That is, you are supposed to judge the worth of a stone by "cut, color, clarity and carats". You will also be told that the only people who can tell the real worth of a diamond are experts with microscopes.

No matter what anyone tells you, a diamond ring is not an investment. You will not be able to resell it later for a profit, so don't worry about its "value".

Do buy a ring that suits you and your fiancée, but don't get caught up in a frenzy, spending money you can't afford for something you can't see. Save some of your money for pre-marital counseling.

Important: There are two types of women: those who want you to pick out the ring and surprise them, and those who want to pick out their own rings. Which type is your girlfriend? If you are not sure, you don't know her well enough to get married.

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