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Human beings love to communicate. We love to talk, argue, share information, complain, gossip, solve problems, tell jokes, spread rumors, ask questions, and help one another. We also love to share anything we can: music, pictures, videos, and so on.

It is part of human nature that, whenever new technology arises, people will find a way to use it to talk to one another and to share. Nowhere is this better illustrated than with Usenet: the large, worldwide system of discussion and file sharing groups.

Welcome to Harley Hahn's Usenet Center, a special Web site devoted to learning about and using Usenet. Casey (the dog) and I hope you enjoy your visit to this site.

(Casey was born on December 10, 1997. She is half Border Collie and half German Shepherd/Lab. As you can tell from the photo, Casey has an especially sweet disposition.)

If you already know what you want, here are a some quick links to let you jump right to the various parts of the Usenet Center.

If you are here to explore, look below where you will find a full description of all the features of the Usenet Center, along with other, more specific links.

File Sharing Tutorial

Choosing a Usenet Provider

Illustrated Hands-on Guide to Usenet

Le petit guide illustré sur Usenet
(The French version of the Illustrated Hands-on Guide.)

Harley Hahn's Usenet Tutorial

Harley Hahn's Master List of Usenet Newsgroups

Usenet Glossary

Finally, when you have a moment, let me invite you to check out my main Web site:

Harley Hahn Web Site

Usenet File Sharing Tutorial

Usenet can be used to distribute any type of data that can be stored in a file: text, videos, music, photos, pictures, software, and so on. Indeed, most of the resources used within Usenet — including bandwidth, money, and software development — are devoted to file sharing.

This tutorial will teach you everything you need to know to understand Usenet file sharing and to use it well.

File Sharing Tutorial

Illustrated Hands-on Guide to Usenet

The easiest way to master the skills you need to use Usenet is to use my Illustrated Hands-on Guide to Usenet. As you read through this fully illustrated, easy-to-use guide, you and I will discuss everything you need to get started with Usenet.

First, I'll show you how to get up and running as quickly as possible (without spending any money!). Then I'll help you master the basic skills you need by taking you through the most important Usenet-related tasks, one step at a time.

Illustrated Hands-on Guide to Usenet

Le petit guide illustré sur Usenet

Ici vous trouverez la version française du guide populaire sur Usenet.

Ce guide vous guidera dans l'utilisation de usenet et vous y trouverez tout ce qu'il faut pour bien démarrer. Vous pourrez même l'essayer gratuitement.

Le petit guide illustré sur Usenet

Harley Hahn's Master List
of Usenet Newsgroups

Harley Hahn's Master List of Usenet Newsgroups is the only annotated master list of Usenet newsgroups on the Internet. You will find the Usenet Master List to be an invaluable resource when you are looking for Usenet newsgroups for a specific purpose.

When you need to find newsgroups, start at main search page by using the link below. Here you can search for newsgroups whose names or descriptions match specified keywords, or you can list all the newsgroups that lie within specific categories.

Harley Hahn's Master List of Usenet Newsgroups

If you need assistance using the Usenet Master List, the Help Page will give you detailed instructions.

Help Page: How to Use the Usenet Master List

If you have never used Harley Hahn's Master List of Usenet Newsgroups, do take a moment to read this page first.

Harley Hahn's Usenet Tutorial

Harley Hahn's Usenet Tutorial consists of 21 easy-to-read sections, each of which covers one important topic. Below you will find links to each of these 21 sections. If you haven't yet read the tutorial, you will find it especially useful so take a look when you have a moment.

If you are new to Usenet, welcome. My advice is to start with the introduction and read straight through. It won't take you long and, by the time you finish, you will understand a lot about Usenet and how it works.

Harley Hahn's Usenet Tutorial

What is Usenet?

What You Need to Access Usenet

Starting to Use Usenet

Usenet Conventions

Sharing and Downloading Files

Searching Usenet

Usenet Glossary

Usenet is a complex system, and there are many technical terms and abbreviations you will need to master in order to understand and use it effectively. To help you, I have created a glossary explaining these terms:

Usenet Glossary of important terms and abbreviations

If you ever find yourself confused because you have encountered a technical term or abbreviation you don't understand, do take a moment and look it up in the glossary.

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(New to Usenet?  Try the Usenet Tutorial)
(Are you experienced?  Quick Guide to Posting Binaries)

1. Introduction / Usenet Terminology
2. Binary Files and Text Files
3. Why Usenet File Sharing Works Well
4. Is File Sharing Legal?
5. Anonymous File Sharing
6. Limitations of Usenet File Sharing
7. Summary: Uploading/Downloading
8. Uploading Step 1: RAR Files
9. Uploading Step 2: SFV Files
10. Uploading Step 3: PAR2 Files
11. Understanding PAR2 Files
12. Uploading Step 4: NFO Files
13. Understanding yEnc Files, Segments
14. The Process of Posting a File
15. Understanding NZB Files
16. Looking Inside a Typical NZB File
17. Uploading Step 5: Preparing to Post
18. Uploading Step 6: Posting Files