What should fisherman know about cleaning Fish?

There are more than 20,000 species of fish in the world. As a general rule, if you catch a fish in North America or Europe, the fish is safe to eat.

To prepare a fish for cooking:

1. Use a scissors to cut off the larger fins.

2. Wash the fish in cold water. (This makes the scales easier to remove.) Put the fish on a clean flat surface. While holding the tail, use the edge of a sharp knife to scrape off the scales.

3. Use the knife to slit the entire underbelly of the fish, from head to tail. Remove and discard the entrails (guts).

4. Cut off the tail and the head, snapping the neck bones with your hands.

5. Make a long cut along the length of the body on each side of the dorsal (top) fin. With a quick pull, remove the dorsal fin structure along with the bones that are attached to it.

6. Rinse the fish thoroughly in cold water. Dry the fish well.

The fish is now ready to cook.

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