What should baseball fans know about Hot Dogs?

Since 1893, it has been an American tradition that, while you are watching your favorite baseball team, you should spend at least part of the time chowing down on a cooked sausage made from tiny particles of raw skeletal muscle of beef or pork.

That is, you should eat a hot dog.

During the course of a baseball season, fans at major league stadiums will eat about 26.1 million hot dogs.

Now, it happens that the baseball season consists of 2,430 games, with a total attendance (in 2001) of 72,417,945.

This means that, on the average, 29,801 people attend each game. During a typical game, these 29,801 people will consume 10,741 hot dogs, or one dog per 2.77 people.

Hot dogs average about 6 inches in length, so if you were to line up all 10,741 hot dogs, they would extend 5,370 feet (just under 1.02 miles).

Hot dogs also average about 10 per pound, so the 10,741 hot dogs consumed at a typical baseball game weigh 1,074 pounds, about the same as 45 fully grown Dachshunds.

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