What should new grandparents know about New Parents?

If you are a new grandparent, you need to get used to your role as much as the new parents need to get used to theirs. This will take time.

Do you remember when your children were teenagers? No matter how painful it was to watch them make mistakes, you couldn't make all their decisions for them.

When you are a grandparent, the same guideline applies. Do offer help, gently, but don't be afraid to let your children figure things out by themselves. Remember that you had your turn, and you probably did a good job, so have faith in your kids. Some lessons, as you know, have to be learned by experience.

Try to remember that — as is always the case — times have changed. Don't insist, for example, that your kids use cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers. (If you want to encourage them to use cloth, you might offer to pay for a diaper service.)

One important thing you can do is to encourage your children to breast feed. It is the best way to feed an infant and, in our culture, there is still not enough support.

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