What should American tourists know about Traveling in Europe?

If you have never traveled in Europe, it's not hard to find people who will give you hours and hours of advice. How nice of them.

However, you and I are practical, so here is the bare minimum:

1. Make sure you have an unexpired passport.

If you do not have a passport (or if yours has expired), apply for a new one several months before your trip. Otherwise, you may have to pay extra money for expedited service. You can find information at the following Web site:


There is no need to use a third-party service.

2. Plan in advance.

Take some time, before your trip, to look for places you might like to visit and activities you might want to do.

3. Consider using a travel agent.

If you are a first-time visitor, having a professional help you plan can make life a lot easier.

4. Don't worry about not knowing the language.

English is the most widely-spoken second language throughout Europe.

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