What should men know about Valentine's Day?

As a man, you know that Valentine's Day is the day on which you are called upon to honor the special woman in your life. What you may not understand is just how important Valentine's Day is to women.

Women see the world in terms of relationships. As such, to your wife or girlfriend, celebrating Valentine's Day is much more than a symbolic gesture. When you honor your woman on Valentine's Day, she feels that you are demonstrating your affection for her and strengthening the relationship.

The minimum requirement is that you must send her a card and flowers. If you want to go further, you can send chocolate or take her out to dinner. However, a card and flowers are traditional and, thus, mandatory.

Women have an instinct about how to make relationships work. In the long run, this instinct is important to your happiness, in fact, much more than you realize. So don't worry if celebrating Valentine's Day doesn't make sense to you. It's not supposed to be practical or logical, and you don't need to understand it: you just need to do it.

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