What should anxious people know about Worrying?

As an individual, you worry to a greater or lesser degree depending on your personality and the culture in which you were raised. Although it's good to be able to foresee problems and to plan prudently, aimless worry is destructive and unpleasant (especially if, like me, you feel compelled to share your worries with your loved ones).

Worrying is a skill that, at some time in your life, you learned and then internalized as a habit. Although there may be a biological basis for worrying, it is an optional activity. You can stop worrying, if you (1) make a commitment to change your mental habits, and then (2) do so, by practicing.

It is important to realize that worrying is an active process, one that requires your attention and energy. When you catch yourself worrying, stop what you are doing and ask yourself, "What is really bothering me?" You will find that, somewhere inside you, there is an idea that is causing you anxiety. Do your best to set aside the worry, and take a few moments to concentrate on the actual problem.

It sounds simple, but it takes practice. Stick with it, though, and you will teach yourself to stop worrying.

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