What should young women know about Young Men?

Young men live in a world dominated by (1) enormously strong sexual urges, (2) a need to compete aggressively, and (3) a lack of wisdom and maturity.

As a young woman, it is likely that you are looking for a relationship, someone to be your boyfriend. Unlike you, boys have a lot of trouble understanding the importance of their own feelings and the feelings of other people. This is why, for example, boys are much more oriented towards sex for the sake of sex, as opposed to working to build an emotional relationship.

This doesn't mean that boys are defective. It just means that they are different from you, and you must learn to be strong and make your choices carefully.

If you want to understand the opposite sex, there is one fundamental idea you must never forget: Men take a long time to mature.

The actual process is described by the following equation:

     Sex Drive + Emotional Maturity = a constant

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