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Santa Barbara Visitor

Calendar of Events for the week of...
March 17 to March 23, 2020

Every week, Santa Barbara has more than 200 events and special attractions for you to enjoy. Some are ongoing, many are one-time special events.

As a special service to visitors, you can use the links below to download three informative PDF files.

• Weekly Calendar of Events •

The Weekly Calendar of Events contains a summary of all the events for the current week. This file contains up-to-date contact information and links for a large variety of Santa Barbara attractions including:

• Art shows • Lectures
• Bike rides • Museums
• Bus trips • Ocean boat cruises
• Concerts • Santa Barbara Zoo
• Entertainment venues • SBCC events (Santa Barbara City College)
• Exhibitions • Tours
• Farmers Markets • UCSB events
• Flea market • Wine tasting
• Gardens  

• Activities for Children in Santa Barbara •

Easy-to-print list of more than fifty activites and places to visit for children in Santa Barbara with times, addresses and phone numbers.

• 2020 Santa Barbara Main Events Calendar •

The Main Events Calendar is a one-page summary of all the important annual events in the Santa Barbara Area: holidays, festivals, parades, and so on. Check this file every now and then, and you'll see which important events are happening soon.

To compliment these three files, the link below will help you find whatever else you need during your time in Santa Barbara, use:

• •

Here you will find comprehensive information about...

• Restaurants • Activities
• Food stores • Attractions
• Hiking • Festivals
• Wineries • Hotels and Motels

and much more.