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Usenet Newsreaders: NewsBin

NewsBin: Quick Stats
Price:  $35  (includes free updates for life)
Free trial:  10 days
Integrated search:  Yes  ($5/month)
NZB handling:  Automatic
Multipart binaries:  Yes  (built-in processing of PAR & RAR files)
Platforms:  Windows 32-bit, 64-bit; Multi-language support

Download the NewsBin newsreader

Harley's comments...

NewsBin is a powerful, full-featured Usenet newsreader that will do just about anything you need it to do. I have tested NewsBin extensively and I am amazed at how easy it is to use — once you have mastered it's intricacies. (For help with this, see my suggestion below.)

NewsBin shines is several important areas. First, it is great at helping you find and download binaries. If you are into file sharing, this is a big deal. Here's how it works.

NewsBin has a built-in Internet search facility that enables you to search a special online Usenet database containing information about the contents of most of the alt.binaries newsgroups. As a registered user, you get 10 free searches a month. For $5/month (well worth it), you get unlimited searches.

To start, you use the Internet search facility to look for whatever you want. Once you find something interesting, all you need to do is tell NewsBin to download it. At this point, everything happens automatically. If your binary is at all large, it will be broken into a large number of small parts. Not to worry. NewsBin downloads everything (including PAR files), decompresses as necessary, and then seamlessly recreates the original file. In this way, NewsBin makes downloading binaries fast, easy and fun. (You know, I could run for Prime Minister of France on that platform :-)

In addition, NewsBin handles NZBs so smoothly you'll feel like you have your own personal Usenet robot. (An NZB is a small text file, usually created by a Usenet search engine, that contains information identifying specific files.) If you like file sharing, this feature alone makes it worthwhile to register the software.

If you are a diehard power user, there is a third feature you will love. NewsBin is designed to support multiple Usenet servers at the same time. In my experiments, I have let NewsBin loose on four different Usenet servers and watched it use them all efficiently to minimize the time needed for a large download.

Finally, NewsBin has a variety of other important built-in features:

• Posting capabilities
• Header compression
• SSL encryption (for privacy)
• Multiprocessor support
• Multiple language support
• Image viewer and database
• MP3 organizer


NewsBin is a powerful, complete Usenet newsreader, suitable for the most discerning users. NewsBin's built-in search facility and automatic download processing make it superb for file sharing. It will, however, take you a while to learn all the details, so don't get discouraged.

Download the NewsBin newsreader

For more information... NewsBin home page.

Suggestion: Learning how to use NewsBin

Because NewsBin is so powerful, it can take a while to orient yourself and learn how to use it well.

Personally, I found NewsBin confusing at first. Eventually, though, I was able to master it, after which I wrote a special tutorial using NewsBin: The Illustrated Hands-on Guide to Usenet.

If you are new to NewsBin — or to Usenet itself — my suggestion is to take a few moments and read through this guide:

Illustrated Hands-on Guide to Usenet

Within the guide, I explain all the basic skills, one step at a time. Along the way, everything is illustrated with screen shots, so it is easy to follow along with your own copy of NewsBin as you read.

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