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Usenet Providers: Thundernews

Thundernews: Quick Stats
Price:  $7-$22 month
Retention:  5337+ days
Connections:  50
Completion:  > 99 percent
Free trial:  3 days
Free software:  NewsRover Newsreader (+ free search service)

Sign up for Thundernews Usenet service

Harley's comments...

Thundernews provides fast, reliable Usenet service at a fair price, with excellent customer service.

I have tested Thundernews myself and found it to work well. The Web site is small, easy to navigate, and well-organized. I was able to find the answers I needed to all my tech support questions quickly, including setup information.

I have talked at length with the owner of Thundernews, and I found him to be a far-sighted individual with a strong commitment to customer service.

If you email Thundernews with a question or problem, you will get a knowledgeable response in a short time. Or, if you prefer, you can connect via chat to a real-time live support person. (I tested this, so you don't have to. I waited it bit over 2 minutes for the conversation to start.)

Summary: This is the provider to choose if you want good solid service at a fair price, with the feeling that there is an actual person at the other side of the Web page.

Sign up for Thundernews Usenet service

Special instructions: To get a 3-day free trial, all you have to do is request it via the tech support page:


Click on "I would like a 3 day trial test account" near the bottom of the page. Then click on Next, and fill out the form. It's a bit of a bother, but it's worth it, and it's free.

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