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I love to learn and I love to explain, so I guess it will make sense to you that one of my favorite pastimes is to think up interesting questions, do some research, figure out the answers, and then teach what I know to someone else.

Here is a list of such questions and answers that I hope you will enjoy reading.

I chose the questions so that each topic is related to one of the categories on my special Web site:

Harley Hahn's Internet Yellow Pages

At the end of each answer, I have put a link to the appropriate place in the site, in case you want to explore further.

Check back from time to time, and you will find new questions and answers to enjoy.


Why do leaves change color in the fall?


What happens to fish in the winter when the water freezes?


How do ballerina dancers stay up on their toes?

Folklore, Myths and Legends

What causes thunder?


Why is freedom important?

Government: United States

Why do governments take a census?

Literature Online: Books

Will electronic books ever replace books on paper?


What do men need to understand about women who were born after 1960?

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Of all the classic, science-fiction movies which are the ones I must see for sure?

Sports and Athletics

How many different types of football are there?


Why is there no Channel 1 on broadcast television?


What color is insect blood?

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