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Errors and Corrections

Below is a list of all the known errors in the book Harley Hahn's Emacs Field Guide, along with the corrections.

If you find a mistake, even a small one, please take a moment to let me know. If you are the first person to find the error, I will give you credit in the list below. (Please check the list first.)

Report an error to Harley

Within the list, a red bullet [] indicates a serious error.

Errors without a name were found by me.

Page 61, Chapter 3 [found by Carlos Braga]

9th line from bottom of page:

"press <Ctrl-C> <Ctrl-X>" → "press <Ctrl-X> <Ctrl-C>"

Page 62, Chapter 3 [found by Carlos Braga]

Last line of Section 3.2:

"press <Ctrl-C> <Ctrl-X>" → "press <Ctrl-X> <Ctrl-C>"

Page 93, Chapter 6 [found by Andrew Lamarra]

Second last line on the page:

"Section 6.3" → "Section 7.6."

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