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Emacs is a powerful computer-based tool, created a long time ago by smart people for other smart people. At its core, Emacs is a "text editor", a program you use to work with files that contain plain text. However, the Emacs text editor is part of a larger, more complex, powerful working environment.

Harley Hahn's Emacs Field Guide is for programmers, students, teachers, researchers, and everyday users who want an engaging and authoritative introduction to the Emacs working environment.

I hope you enjoy the book.

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The name "Emacs"

The original version of Emacs was created in 1976. The name stands for "Editing macros", which made sense at the time.

Support for Readers

Welcome to the Web site for readers of Harley Hahn's Emacs Field Guide. Here is a description of the resources you will find:

Chapters and Appendixes

A quick overview of the book showing all the chapters and appendixes. This page gives you a feeling for what this book has to offer.

Detailed Table of Contents

To help you examine the book fully, this page contains a comprehensive listing of every major topic covered in the book.

Buying the Book

Harley Hahn's Emacs Field Guide is available as a real print book (my first choice for you) or as an eBook.


If you have not yet made up your mind whether or not you want to buy Harley Hahn's Emacs Field Guide, take a moment to read what these well-known people have to say about the book.

Lists of Command Summaries

Emacs has a very large number of commands. For reference, Harley Hahn's Emacs Field Guide contains 60 tables showing the most important Emacs commands, as well as relevant Unix/Linux commands. This page lists all the tables, so you can find what you want quickly.


Emacs is complicated. My goal is to make it easy and interesting for you to learn how to use it. To help you, I have created four separate indexes to the book. Take a moment to examine the indexes, and see for yourself.

Errors and Corrections

This page contains a list of all the known errors in the book along with corrections. If you find an error, please let me know (instructions are on the page). If you are the first one to report the error, you will receive recognition.

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