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The Mischke Interviews
Interview #3

Over the years, I have been interviewed many times. Three of these interviews, however, stand out in my memory as being most extraordinary. They are the long, fascinating conversations I had with radio host T.D. Mischke.

Mischke (as he is generally known) is one of the most interesting and talented radio hosts I have ever met. He has been broadcasting late at night from the U.S. Midwest since January 1994 and, in that time, he has gathered a huge cult following that extends throughout many states and into Canada. (At night, 50,000-watt radio signals travel a long way.)

If you want to listen to Mischke live some night, I have included a link at the bottom of the page.

So far, I have done three interviews with Mischke:

• Interview #1 — February 1, 2011
• Interview #2 — January 1, 2012
• Interview #3 — December 19, 2012

Let me invite you now to listen to Interview #3. (The other two will be available soon.)

Listen to the December 19, 2012 interview  [26 min 46 sec]

To help you follow the conversation as you listen to this interview, here is a summary of our discussion.

Topics discussed by T.D. Mischke and Harley Hahn
Interview #3 — December 19, 2012

1. Music + Introduction.
2. About Harley Hahn.
3. Why do so many interesting people live in California?
4. What does Harley Hahn do?
5. Harley's Economics column: Christmas gifts and mortgages.
6. Selling stock options: Learning about yourself emotionally.
7. What is real? What is distortion?
8. Ken Wilbur and Integral Theory.
9. Steve Taylor's book "Waking From Sleep".
10. We are all sleeping; how to wake up.
11. Eckhart Tolle, from sadness to epiphany.
12. Is the true nature of reality an underlying bliss?
13. Most of us experience distortions, not reality.
14. Train yourself to be in the moment whenever you want.
15. Mischke - "You are not living at all, you are wasting your existence."
16. Harley - "You're sitting in the theater, but you're not watching the movie."
17. How is this related to selling stock options?
18. To relieve inner tension, it is necessary to practice being in the moment.
19. Can emotions be trusted?
20. Harley - "The wind is blowing different thoughts thorough your head."
21. Control over negative feelings.
22. Thoughts create feelings; distorted thoughts cause many negative emotions.
23. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: change your thoughts to change your feelings.
24. Mischke - You are not your thoughts or your feelings.
25. Mischke - They will stop being so important if you "dis-identify with them".
26. Mischke - Up until a few years ago, I thought I was the combination of my thoughts and my emotions.
27. Who are you really?
28. Who you are is not what you think you are.
29. Mischke - We are awareness.
30. Harley - "I am aware, I have consciousness, therefore I am."
31. We're all built out of the same stuff.
32. Boundary-less love.
33. Empathy leads to love.
34. Evil is the total absence of empathy.
35. Consciousness is everywhere.
36. Humans have concentrated consciousness.
37. Feeling one with other people and with our environment.
38. The oceanic feeling comes in flashes.
39. The reality is that everything really is connected.
40. Separateness is the illusion, the distortion.

You can use the following link to listen to Mischke live while he is on the air, Monday through Friday, 10 pm to midnight, U.S. Central Time:

Listen to Mischke live while he is on the air

The following table shows the various local times around the world to listen to Mischke:

U.S. Eastern11 PM to 1 AM
U.S. Central10 PM to 12 AM
U.S. Mountain9 PM to 11 PM
U.S. Pacific8 PM to 10 PM
Europe GMT/UTC3 AM to 5 AM
Europe Central Time4 AM to 6 AM
Europe Central Summer Time5 AM to 7 AM
India Standard Time8:30 AM to 10:30 AM

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