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Harley Hahn's Amazing
Multiplying Frames

Welcome to Harley Hahn's Amazing Multiplying Frames. Here is what to do:

  1. Click on one of the boxes below. You will see a large colored frame.
  2. Click anywhere within the frame, and watch it divide into smaller frames.
  3. Click again and again (anywhere) and watch the frames divide again and again.
  4. Then click on the Back button and watch the pattern disappear a bit at a time.

Everything is done with pure HTML using frames inside of frames. There's no Java, no stylesheets, no Javascript, no PHP, in fact, no programming of any type.

Hint 1: Try all the colors — each one works differently. From left to right, they get more complex.

Hint 2: Wanna see something cool? Once you have built up a pattern, try resizing a frame and see what happens. (To resize a frame, move the border with your mouse.)

Hint 3: After you have created some patterns, press <F5> (Refresh) as see what happens.