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Harley Hahn's List of 25 Things to Do
When You Should Be Working

Are you using the Interent at work? Good for you.

But have you ever stopped to wonder why "they" pay for your Internet connection? Have you ever been tempted to ask the people in charge why they spent all that money just to connect you to the Internet?

Ask them. They'll talk about "communication", or the importance of email, or how everything is becoming electronic and the future of business lies on the Web.


Just nod your head gravely, and wait till they go back into a meeting.

Although the people in charge don't realize it, the real reason your company connected you to the Internet has nothing to do with money.

Your company connected you to the Internet because human beings have a biological need to connect to one another.

Who cares if you are at work? You are joining the largest gathering of people in the history of mankind.

So remember, as you enjoy this list of 25 resources, you are not goofing off.

You are fulfilling your biological destiny.

The following list is from the book

Harley Hahn's Internet Yellow Pages

1: Art Galleries and Exhibits

Enjoy works of art from around the world.

2: Astronomy

Find out what's happening in space, right now.

3: Body, Mind and Spirit

Make sense out of last night's flight into fantasy.

4: Comics

Read your favorite comics without having to buy a newspaper.

5: Contests and Competitions

Get some hints on how to be a winner, then enter a contest and try your luck.

6: Cooking and Recipes

Learn the secret recipes that will allow you to copy famous dishes.

7: Crafts

Put your extra paper to work. Teach yourself how to create small works of art by folding paper.

8: Finding Stuff on the Net

Find some free music and brighten your day.

9: Folklore, Myths and Legends

Is that story that happened to a "friend of a friend" really true? Find out for sure.

10: Fun

Divert yourself by following the ups and downs of a Web-based soap opera.

11: Holidays and Celebrations

Plan your next party.

12: Humor and Jokes

Time to laugh. Better check out a few jokes.

13: Language and Linguistics

Learn a new word, right now, and use it in your next memo.

14: Literature Online: Collections

Read a story. Everything else can wait.

15: Movies

Make sure the next movie you see is a good one.

16: Museums

Visit a museum in a foreign country without even leaving your chair.

17: News: International

Find out what's happening right now, all around the world.

18: People

Plan a class reunion

19: Personals and Dating

Learn how to enhance the romance the next time you go out with the person-who-might-be-that-special-someone.

20: Quotations

See what a great many smart and interesting women have to say.

21: Romance

Become a love and romance expert. Not only will your life be more fulfilling, it will look great on your resumé.

22: Sports and Athletics

Don't wait another moment. Find out who won the big game.

23: Telephone and Telecom

Show people how cool you are by knowing all the phone tricks worth knowing.

24: Travel

Don't let today be a total waste. Start planning you next trip right now.

25: Trivia

Find out what important historical events occurred on today's date.