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What's new
for 2005?

General information about this book

What was new in 2004?

What's new in the 2005 Edition of
Harley Hahn's Internet Yellow Pages?

The 2005 Edition of Harley Hahn's Internet Yellow Pages has a great deal of new material. There are many new resources, replacements for old, obsolete Web sites and mailing lists, and a lot of new writing.

The book is organized into 193 different categories of information, essays and resources. For 2005, there are eight brand new categories:

First, there is Behavior and Social Forces , in which I discuss various aspects of human behavior. I found these topics fascinating to research, and I hope you will enjoy reading about them. Along with the writing, you will find a thoughtfully chosen Internet resources. (For more information, see the list of new topics, below.)

Next, there are two categories devoted to sports and athletics: Sports, in which I cover general topics; and Sports: Specific, in which I discuss specific sports (baseball, football, basketball, and so on). Again, all of these topics are annotated with selected Internet resources.

For serious sports fans, I have added two new categories devoted to famous athletes. The first category, Sports Figures: Current, covers the very best athletes who are still playing. In the second category, Sports Figures: Harley's Hall of Fame, I write about the most important athletes in history.

The other new categories are Games and Puzzles, expanded from a single category in the 2004 edition, and Love and Romance, also expanded from the old edition.

The list of all the new topics I have added to this edition is below. For a full list of all the categories, see the general information page.

A List of New Topics

For the 2005 Edition, I have written essays and compiled resources for 54 new topics, listed below.

Behavior and Social Forces

 Apologizing and Forgiveness
 Cold Reading
 Flash Mobs
 Large Group Awareness Training (LGAT)
 Thank-you Notes
 Time Sense (Polychronicity and Monochronicity)

Computers: Reference

 History of Computers

Cool and Useful


Cool but Useless

 Human Clock


 Mug Shots

Games: Computer

 LAN Parties


 Domain Name Registration: Generalized Domains
 Domain Name Registration: Geographical Domains
 Domain Name Registration: Specialized Domains
 Email Programs
 Whois Servers: General
 Whois Servers: Specific




 Cathedral and the Bazaar, The


 Dictionary of Cultural Literacy

Secret Stuff

 FBI Secrets


 Sports Terminology

Sports Figures: Current

 Armstrong, Lance (cycling)
 Beckham, David (soccer)
 Bonds, Barry (baseball)
 Federer, Roger (men's tennis)
 Jones Jr., Roy (boxing)
 Rice, Jerry (football)
 Willams, Venus & Serena (women's tennis)
 Woods, Tiger (golf)

Sports Figures: Harley's Hall of Fame

 Aaron, Hank (baseball)
 Ali, Muhammad (boxing)
 Gretzky, Wayne (hockey)
 Hamm, Mia (women's soccer)
 Johnson, Magic (basketball)
 Jordan, Michael (basketball)
 Louis, Joe (boxing)
 Nicklaus, Jack (golf)
 Owens, Jesse (track & field)
 Orr, Bobby (hockey)
 Pele (soccer)
 Ruth, Babe (baseball)
 Thorpe, Jim (pentathlon, decathlon, football, baseball)



The children's section of the book is called
The Little Nipper's Internet Clubhouse.

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