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          |            #5            |
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          |     January 11, 2002     |
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Humor and Jokes

In the last newsletter, I told you about Harley Hahn's
Internet Exploration Station: a facility I created to
help you have fun exploring the Net.

Harley Hahn's Internet Exploration Station consists of
a number of "theme areas".  I would like to announce
that there is new theme area for you to enjoy:

   -- Humor and Jokes --

So, take a break from the rest of life, and check out
Harley Hahn's Internet Exploration Station and the new
Humor and Jokes theme area:



When you take a look at the Humor and Jokes theme
area, you will notice that some of the resources
are Usenet discussion groups.

Usenet is a free, worldwide system of discussion
groups that has been in existence for years. In fact,
Usenet is a lot order than the Web.

Usenet is the largest system of ongoing discussion
in the world.  There are, literally, tens of thousands
of different groups in which people from all over the
globe participate.

Usenet is a wonderful system, but it does take time to
learn how it works and how to participate.  For an
overview, I have a short introduction you can read at:


A similar overview is printed in the front section of
my book "Harley Hahn's Internet Yellow Pages".

The best way to learn how to use Usenet well (and the
rest of the Net, for that matter) is to read my book
"Harley Hahn's Internet Advisor".  Usenet is explained
in Chapter 13.

In addition, "Harley Hahn's Internet Yellow Pages" has
an entire section devoted to Usenet-related resources.

For more information about my books, including how to
buy them online, see:


-- Harley Hahn