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          |            #9            |
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          |      March 21, 2002      |
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Things to Read

If you love reading as much as I do, I know you
will enjoy a new theme area I have just put up
as part of "Harley Hahn's Internet Exploration

This theme area is called "Things to Read", and
contains a large variety of interesting stories
and books you can read, for free, on the Net.  You
will also find a few words from me on why I think
reading is so important.


All the resources in Harley Hahn's Internet
Exploration Station -- just like all the resources
in my books -- are free.  In addition to making
sure that everything I recommend is free, I also
do the best I can to ensure that the Web sites are
as stable and non-commercial as possible.

By the way, the resources in Harley Hahn's
Internet Exploration Station are taken from my
Yellow Pages book ("Harley Hahn's Internet Yellow
Pages").  For more information about the book,



Speaking of things to read, perhaps you would like
to read one of my stories.

I have just put a new story, called "Nicole",
on my Web site.  This is one of my favorite
stories and, I must confess, I tend to cry
(in a nice way) when I read it.

This is a strange thing for a guy to admit,
especially when I was the one who wrote the
story.  Still, it's true.

So, take a look and see what you think.  Here is
the beginning of the story:


How nice it was just to sit on a bench, watch the
ocean, and think of nothing, thought Nicole. There
had been altogether too much to think about in the
last three months.

Just looking back was scary.  She couldn't believe
all that had happened, all that she had been
through, even when most of it hadn't happened to
her. What if...?


To read the entire story, visit:


Thinking About Death

Finally, on a more lofty note, I invite you to
read an essay discussing how we might think about

During most of our life, the question of death
looms over us like a cloud.  Sometimes the cloud
is so dark that it blocks all the light, making
life virtually unbearable.  Other times, the cloud
is so transparent as to be almost invisible,
allowing us to distract ourselves, perhaps for
years, with the events and responsibilities of
everyday life.

However, no matter what we do, the thought of
death is never very far from our core being.
We must all die, and we know it. It is this
realization that creates what is called the
"human condition", an undeniable force that
has more control over us than we like to admit.

It is this force that drives us to find meaning
in our actions and our existence.  Each of is
challenged, during our lifetime, to come to terms
with our death.  It is, indeed, the most important
challenge we face.

If you are in a thoughtful mood today, perhaps you
would like to read a short essay I have written
concerning how we think about death.  I can't
promise you easy answers.  What I can promise
are a few stimulating thoughts to add to your own.

They start as follows:


Imagine a group of primitive human beings who have
no understanding of what it is like to be alive.
Each day, they awake with no memory of the day
before: every day and every experience is brand
new. They have no knowledge of waking, sleeping,
or anything else.

At the beginning of a new day, the primitive
beings are happy...


You can find the entire essay at:


-- Harley Hahn