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          |                          |
          |           #10            |
          |                          |
          |      April 6, 2002       |
          |                          |

The Little Nipper's Birthday

I am sending out this special edition of my
newsletter at the request of my cat, The Little
Nipper.  The reason is that today, April 6, 2002,
is The Little Nipper's 11th birthday, and he wants
everyone in the world to know.  (I'll explain why
in a moment.)

The Little Nipper is the cat that you see in the
photos of me on my Web site and on my books.  I
have had him ever since he was born in my closet,
11 years ago.

The Little Nipper is special in two ways.  First,
he was the first cat in the world to have his own
email address, which is printed on his
identification tag.  At the time I ordered the
tag, it was so long ago that I had a hard time
explaining what I wanted.  The Internet was so
young that very few people knew what an email
address was.

The Little Nipper was also the first cat in the
world to have his own Web page, and one reason he
asked me to send out this message is that he
wanted to invite you to visit this page:


Now, however, let's get to the real reason for
this newsletter.

The Little Nipper thought that, if I told you that
it is his birthday,  you would send him a gift.
(He points out that tuna is always in good taste.)

I think this is a bit much -- and I told him so --
because it is not polite to ask for gifts.
However, if you would like to send him a birthday
greeting, perhaps a post card, I know he would
enjoy it.

You can reach him at:

  The Little Nipper
  2022 Cliff Drive #339
  Santa Barbara, CA

-- Harley Hahn