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          |           #11            |
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          |      July 31, 2002       |
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Online Focus Group

Sometimes when a company needs to test out ideas for new
products, they ask for the help of their customers by
arranging to have a focus group.

A focus group is a small number of people who gather
together for a day or two to discuss the new products.  The
members of the group have a chance to learn about the new
products, express their opinions, and comment on other
people's opinions.

I am planning to expand the content of my Web site, and I'd
like your help.  I can't have an in-person meeting, but I
have arranged to have an online focus group -- that is, a
focus group that will take place on a special Web site --
and I would like you to consider volunteering to help me by
being part of the group

Here is how it will work:

The focus group will last for 2 days, and will require about
a half hour of your time on each day.  This will take place
on Monday, August 5 and Tuesday August 6.

All you need to do is visit the Web site (I'll send you the
address).  When you get there, you will see a discussion
forum that will have several questions.  The questions
relate to various ideas for expanding my Web site.

Your job is to read each question and type your reply.  At
the same time, you will be able to read other people's
replies, and you can also respond to what they are saying.

You can visit the Web site anytime you want, for as long as
you want, as long as you visit at least once on Monday and
once on Tuesday.

I want you to know that everyone who participates is
assigned a code name automatically, so no one will see your
real name or your email address.  Your privacy will be

If you think you would like to help me by participating in
the online focus group, please visit the following Web page,
where you can volunteer:


The focus group can only support a small number of people,
so I may not be able to choose everyone who volunteers.

-- Harley Hahn