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          |                          |
          |           #12            |
          |                          |
          |    September 25, 2002    |
          |                          |

Harley Hahn Interviews

People who know me all agree on one thing: I love
to talk.

Like all loquacious people, I like to think that
what I say is worth listening to -- at least part
of the time.  As a philosopher, I do spend
a great deal of time thinking about the world and,
as a social commentator, I spend some of that time
talking about what I see.

Over the years, I have done a number of interviews,
which I have really enjoyed, because they have
given me the chance to comment about life, and to
explain ideas I think are important.

I have just put four of these interviews on my Web
site for you to read.  Take a look and see what
you think:


The interviews span a long period of time, and I
think you will find it interesting to read them
in order.  Doing so will give you a sense of how
the Internet and our culture has changed over the
last 10 years, and how your life has been
affected by the transformation.

Announcement: New Yellow Pages Book

If you have been reading this newsletter for a
while, you will have noticed that it has been some
time since I have written you.  The reason is that
I have been hard at work on a new edition of the
Yellow Pages for 2003.  This particular book is a
very special one, because it is the Tenth
Anniversary Edition.

I wanted to mention the new book to you now,
because it will be in stores very soon.  In a
future newsletter, I'll tell you all about the
book, and all the new material I have added.

For now, I'll just mention that there is a brand
new section, just for kids, called "The Little
Nipper's Internet Clubhouse", hosted by my cat
(The Little Nipper).

-- Harley Hahn