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          |                          |
          |           #13            |
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          |     October 12, 2002     |
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     "It is unwise to look for a permanent
      solution to a temporary problem."

               -- Harley Hahn

Understanding Abstract Art

Do you like abstract art?  I do, in fact, I paint
abstract pictures.  However, many people don't
understand this type of art, and you may be one of

If so, I bet that when you look at an abstract
picture, all you see are meaningless patterns and
shapes.  Some people are even afraid of this type
of art, because they think they are supposed to be
able to find deep, meaningful thoughts in
something that looks like visual gibberish.

This doesn't have to be the case.  It is possible
to feel comfortable with abstract art, and to have
a worthwhile experience looking at it.

To help you learn how to do this, I have written
an essay called "Understanding Abstract Art".  In
this essay, I explain why this type of art is so
important, and I show you how to think about it a
way that will make abstract art accessible to you.

You will find the essay, along with some examples
of especially good abstract art, on my Web site:


(If you have a slow Internet connection, it may
take a bit of time for the Web page to load.)

Once you have read the essay, please take a look
at the online gallery of my paintings:


Finally, if you are in Santa Barbara, California,
you can take a look at some of my paintings in
person.  The information on where to see them is
also on the Web site:


-- Harley Hahn