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          |           #14            |
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          |    November 10, 2002     |
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      "You don't learn by going to school.
       You learn by doing homework."

               -- Harley Hahn

Online Chat With Harley
Thursday, November 21

Every now and then, I will make a personal
appearance, give a speech, or do a book signing.
However, I spend most of my working time at home,
and if you want to talk to me, you need to send me

Unfortunately, I have so much work that I am not
able to answer all my email as quickly as I would
like.  I do read everything and (eventually) I do
respond, but it can take a long time.

So, when I was asked by the publicist at McGraw-
Hill (one of my book publishers) if I would like
to take part in an online forum, I agreed, because
it would give me a chance to talk to my readers
and to answer their questions.

An online forum is a discussion that takes place
on a Web site.  You communicate by sending short
messages, and by reading the messages sent by
other people.

This forum will be live, on Thursday, November 21,

  -- 11 am PST: U.S. West Coast
  --  2 pm EST: U.S. East Coast
  -- 10 pm GMT: Western Europe

The Web address is:

To take part in the forum, just visit this Web
page during the specified time.  Anyone can visit
the Web page and read the messages.  There is
nothing special that you need to do.

However, if you want to post (that is, send in) a
question of your own, you do need to register.
Registration is free.

If you want to visit the Web page now, you can
register in advance.  In fact, I encourage you to
do so, because you will be able to send in
questions now.  The questions will be saved on the
Web page, and I will respond to them during the

Note about registering:

This forum is sponsored by InfoWorld, the
publisher of a well-known print magazine for IT
(information technology) professionals.  Like many
other trade magazines, this one is free:
InfoWorld makes their money selling ads.

When you register for the forum, you will be asked
various questions aimed toward getting your name,
email address, postal address, and other
information, so InfoWorld can send you their
magazine or their email newsletters.

You do not have to subscribe to anything to
register.  So, when you register, it is perfectly
okay to put in a fake name and email address, and
to say that you don't want to subscribe to the

Still, if you are an IT professional, InfoWorld is
a useful magazine, and you may want to subscribe.
(Remember, it's free.)


So, if you have time to join the forum on
Thursday, please do.  And please feel free to
register in advance and send in questions.

I look forward to hearing from you.

-- Harley Hahn