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       July 11, 2003


"Your only real obligation is to live until
 you die. Everything else is optional."

 -- Harley Hahn

UCSB Library to Collect Full Work of Harley Hahn

Every now and then, you hear that a university
library has decided to collect the books or
papers of a particular author.  For example, Mark
Twain's papers are archived at Bancroft Library,
at the University of California at Berkeley; and
the complete work of Isaac Asimov is collected
at Boston University.

Well, Twain, Asimov and I now have something in
common: my books and papers are also being
collected — in my case, by the Special Collections
Department of the library of the University of
California at Santa Barbara.

To read the official announcement (as well as
another interesting press release), take a look at:


Now that I am in the company of such highly
regarded writers, you are probably wondering,
are there any significant differences between
Mark Twain and Isaac Asimov, and me?  The answer
is, yes: they are dead and I am still alive.

Search the Harley Hahn Web Site

Have you ever wanted to impress that special
someone by showing off how quickly you could find
something on my Web site?

If so, I am sure you have been frustrated.  It is
no easy task to navigate through all the pages of
a Web site, frantically searching for an exact
word or phrase, as your special someone looks
over your shoulder, sighing impatiently and
wondering out loud whether or not you should be
traded in for a newer model.

In most cases, by the time you have been able to
find what you want, your special someone will
have decided that you are not so special, and
will have disappeared faster than a politician in
front of a lie detector.

Not to worry.  The Harley Hahn Web site now has a
new automated search facility.  Just type one or
more words into the search box, click on the
button, and instant gratification is yours.

You'll find the Harley Hahn search box on two
different pages:

Home Page: http://www.harley.com/

Quick Index: http://www.harley.com/sitemap.html


By the way, speaking of the Quick Index, I have a
hint for you.

At the top left-hand corner of every page on my
Web site, you will see the Harley Hahn logo (a
planet with an arrow going around it.)  I call
this logo a "Unisphere".

Here is the hint.  Wherever you are on my Web
site, you can jump directly to the Quick Index
by clicking on a Unisphere.  (Go to the Home Page
and try it.)

-- Harley Hahn