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       July 16, 2003


"The role of a true artist is to escape
 the boundaries of his culture."

 -- Harley Hahn

Late One Night

Like a lot of writers, I often find myself working
alone, late into the night. And as any late-night
worker can tell you, every now and then, something
strange and unexpected is bound to happen.

Here is the story of what happened to one young
man, as he worked late one night.


"It was 2 A.M. The computer lab was deserted
except for Robert, and that was just the way he
liked it. He enjoyed spending long amounts of time
in the lab, and he didn't like company. He had
taken to coming in late at night, and as a matter
of fact, it had been over two weeks since he had
last seen any of his co-workers.

"Robert put away the papers with which he had been
working, and leaned over to push the button which
would turn on the computer. A small red light on
the front panel blinked, and the room was filled
with a soft, pleasant hum.

"'Hello Eliza,' Robert said..."


To read the entire story, visit:


-- Harley Hahn