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     August 20, 2003


"Beauty, like conjunctivitis, is in the
 eye of the beholder."

 -- Harley Hahn

How Do I Love Thee?

The most romantic poem ever written is the
well-known sonnet by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
Truly, it is one of the most wonderful works of
literature you will ever read.

However, let's be realistic.  Is there anything so
beautiful that it does not need to be touched up
once in a while?

As a professional writer, I am, from time to time,
called upon to enhance the literary landscape.
Personally, I am always glad to do my bit, even if
it means a significant expenditure of time and
effort.  After all, charity does begin at home,
and a little pro bono work is good for the

So, join me as I examine one of the most beautiful
sonnets in the English language, and see if it
might not be improved.


"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...."


-- Harley Hahn