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     November 11, 2003


"Being able to sit still for long periods of
 time without talking is a highly overrated

 -- Harley Hahn

The Harley Hahn Experience

For over a year, I have been working on a large
project, which is now ready. As a result, I have
something exciting for you, a brand new Web site
I think you will really like.

The purpose of this site is to give my readers
access to a lot of my written work (books and
other features), as well as new work that will
become available as I write it.

The name of the Web site is "The Harley Hahn
Experience".  It is a subscription site, which
means you have to pay to join.  However, the price
is small ($20/year), and there is a lot of
material you won't find anywhere else on the

Moreover, there are absolutely no advertisements
or pop-up windows anywhere on the site.  (As you
may know, I hate ads.)  In addition, I have worked
with an extremely talented Web designer (Brandi
Valenza, in case you may have heard of her) to
create a clean, comfortable design for the site.

As a result, you will find that using The Harley
Hahn Experience is particularly pleasant, much
more so than most other Web sites.


To introduce you to The Harley Hahn Experience,
I'll give you a brief preview of what you will
find, followed by a Web address where you can get
more information.

To start, you will find the full text of my three
most popular books.  Within the books, there are
links to a vast number of Internet resources.  All
of these links are live, which makes it simple to
access the resources: just click and explore.


"Harley Hahn's Internet Yellow Pages"

This book is a comprehensive, stimulating guide to
life, annotated with thousands of Internet
resources: Web sites, Usenet discussion groups,
and mailing lists. In print form, this is the
best-selling Internet book of all time.  Moreover,
when the book is updated, the new edition will be
posted on the Web site. For example, if you join
now, you will automatically have access to the
2004 Edition when it comes out (at the end of


"Harley Hahn's Internet Advisor"

In this book, I teach you everything you need to
know to use the Internet well, starting from the
beginning.  This book is perfect for anyone who is
a bit confused about computers and the Internet,
and wants to learn how they work.


"Harley Hahn's Internet Insecurity"

This book is an intelligent person's look at our
modern, technology-based culture.  Of all the
books I have written, this is my favorite. In
fact, this book and the previous one, were both
nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.


Aside from these three books, The Harley Hahn
Experience contains a variety of other


"The Little Nipper's Internet Clubhouse"

Here is a special, kid-friendly Internet guide for
children, parents and grandparents.  This part of
the Web site is great for families who want to use
the Internet together. The guide is hosted by my
cat, The Little Nipper.


"Ask Harley"

I love learning, and I love explaining. "Ask
Harley" is a collection of fascinating questions
and answers: things you may have wondered about,
but never really understood.  Check back from time
to time, and you will find new questions and
answers to enjoy.


"Harley Hahn's Tidbits"

More interesting things to talk about: a large
collection of useful, straightforward questions
and practical, thought-provoking answers. Like the
Ask Harley feature, the Tidbits will be updated
from time to time.


"Harley Hahn's Guide to Muds"

A mud is a virtual world you can visit for free
whenever you want.  All you need is your computer
and your imagination.  Learn how to make friends,
go on quests and treasure hunts, and have
adventures, all without leaving home.


In future newsletters, I'll tell you more about
the Harley Hahn Experience. For now, if you have a
moment, check out the Web site below for more
details and see what you think.

Information about The Harley Hahn Experience

-- Harley Hahn