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    October 14, 2004


"The public interest is more than
 just what interests the public."

 -- Harley Hahn

Ralph Nader & Karl Marx

We can learn a lot by studying the lives of great
men and women: people who have, in some way, made
a lasting contribution to our culture. One of the
best ways to do so is to compare two vastly
different individuals who lived in dissimilar
times, but had similar goals.

Ralph Nader (1934-) is a contemporary American
consumer activist and politician, who has devoted
himself to advocating political and legal change.
During his long career, Nader wrote books, founded
organizations, and -- much more than most people
realize -- permanently influenced American

Karl Marx (1818-1883) was a 19th century German
philosopher who spent most of his life years
writing about political and economic systems.
Although Marx's work had only limited acceptance
in his lifetime, his ultimate legacy was enormous,
having a lasting effect on the political systems
of the world.

Although Nader and Marx had little in common,
there are some interesting similarities. They were
both highly intelligent, thoughtful individuals
who began their professional career by studying
law. In addition, they both devoted their lives to
thinking about the public good and how it might be

Take a moment to read some more, and I think you'll
be surprised at what you find...

Ralph Nader

Karl Marx

-- Harley Hahn