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       May 1, 2005


"The only people who are able to get
 what they want are the people who
 know what they are doing."

 -- Harley Hahn

My Experience as a Film Judge

From time to time, I get mail asking why I don't
send out more newsletters. In particular, people
are asking me to announce the winner of the name-
the-cat contest. (I promise, I will announce it

The reason there are so few newsletters is that I
am immersed in working on my new book which, in
this case, means a tight scehdule, long work days,
and little time off.

However, once in a while, I do take a bit of time
to do something completely different.  I recently
had an experience I think you will find


"I just returned from being a judge for the
International Student Film Festival. For four
hours on a beautiful sunny afternoon, I sat in the
small living room of a Santa Barbara, California,
beach house next to the breaking surf, watching
video after video after video.

"In front of me was a scoresheet and, during each
screening, I would lean forward confidently,
writing a number from 1 to 100 next to the name of
the film. Here I was, taking no more than a few
minutes to judge a film that someone had created
after months of dedicated work and countless hours
of devotion. It was both a humbling and vanity-
inducing experience..."

My Experience as a Film Judge

-- Harley Hahn