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      March 26, 2006


"Everything that works out, works out."

 -- Harley Hahn

Questions From an Iranian Soldier

Some years back, an Iranian publisher translated
several of my books into Farsi, the language of
Iran.  Since then, Iranian readers have been
visiting my Web site and, from time to time, they
send me email.

I recently received a letter from a soldier who
was drafted into the Iranian army.  He is aware of
the important part his country plays in the
international community, and he has been wondering
how the political developments in his country are
influencing foreign decision makers.

He wrote me, asking how people in the U.S. see his
country, and what do I think might happen in the
near future.

Here are his questions and my answers.


"I am from Iran and I have been doing my military
service. Since you live in United States, I would
like to take this opportunity to ask you questions
regarding the issue of Iran..."

Questions From an Iranian Soldier

-- Harley Hahn