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     August 12, 2010


"You are now leaving the past."

 -- Harley Hahn

The Island Syndrome - Part I

For some time now, I have been working on a new
book called The Island Syndrome, in which I discuss
how people, especially young people, are adapting
to our changing environment.

After many hours of researching, thinking, and
writing, I have come to appreciate just how
important our changing times are to the human
race.  What we are experiencing is much more than
a simple bump in the road.  We are living through
a profound shift in human events, one that is
obvious and, at the same time, so subtle that it
is barely understood.

These changes and our adaptation to them have
created a generalized condition that, to some
extent, affects us all, a condition I call the
Island Syndrome.  (The name will make sense when
you read about it.)

In advance of publishing the book, I have created
a special Web site in order to share with you my
research and my thoughts.

The Web site has two parts.  Today, I invite you
to take a look at Part I, in which I discuss the
basic ideas related to the Island Syndrome:
What is it?  What causes it?  How can we best
understand it?


"Look around and you will see that something
strange is happening.  People have become
habituated to their mobile smartphones, laptops,
Internet connections, music players, video games,
television, and other 'conveniences' of modern
life to the point of addiction.

"Since the early 1990s, the way we talk,
communicate, amuse ourselves  even the way we
think  has changed radically.  Some of this is
good; much of it isn't..."

The Island Syndrome — Part I


In addition to the Web site, you may enjoy looking
at a painting I have created that embodies the
spirit of the ideas I cover in the new book:

The Island Syndrome painting

-- Harley Hahn