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    December 25, 2010     


"The mind has a mind of its own."
 -- Harley Hahn

 The Island Syndrome:
Young Girls and Phones

The Island Syndrome is the name of a large project
I am working on, the subject of my next book.

Specifically the "Island Syndrome" is my name for
a ubiquitous condition: a mental health epidemic
of overwhelming proportions, created by an over-
abundance of junk communication and bad technology
habits.  The symptoms caused by this epidemic are
endemic to the developed world. As such, you will
find these symptoms, not only in the U.S., Canada,
Europe, and so on, but wherever the dominant,
technology-based culture is adopted indiscriminately.

My latest research essay related to this project
is called "Young Girls and Phones".  In this
essay, I explain why so many young girls want
their own mobile phones (cell phones), and why
they tend to use their phones in certain ways.
Within the essay, you will read about a variety of
interesting topics:

-- The differences between female and male brains
-- Excessive text messaging
-- The female brain and puberty
-- The brain's pleasure center
-- Why young girls have such a hard time quitting
-- The effects of puberty on phone usage
-- Premature puberty of young girls
-- "Why Your 10-Year-Old Daughter Wants Her Own Phone"


"Have you ever wondered why so many young girls —
as young as 9 or 10 years old — have an extremely
strong desire to have their own phone?

"The explanation of why so many young girls have
such a strong desire to get their own phones is
much more complicated than mere copycat behavior.
Perhaps even more interesting and important is the
observation that, once they get such phones, many
girls quickly become obsessed with talking and
texting many times a day.

Why should this be the case?..."

Young Girls and Phones

-- Harley Hahn