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     January 14, 2012


"You don't know what you know,
until you teach what you know."

 -- Harley Hahn

Radio Interview With Harley
 Tuesday, January 17, 2012
   9:00 PM Central Time

Over the years, I have been interviewed many
times.  However, on February 1, 2011, it was my
good fortune to participate in my favorite
interview: a long, fascinating conversation
conducted by T.D. Mischke, one of the most
interesting and talented radio hosts I have ever

Mischke, who is also a writer and musician, has
been broadcasting late at night from the U.S.
Midwest since January 1994.  In that time, he has
gathered a huge cult following that extends
throughout many states and into Canada.  (At
night, 50,000 watt radio signals travel a long

On Tuesday, January 17, 2012, I will once again be
interviewed by Mischke.  If you are not near
enough to pick up the radio broadcast, you can
listen from anywhere in the world via the
Internet.  Here is the information you need:

Interview with Harley Hahn
 Date: Tuesday, January 17, 2012
 Time:  9:00 PM PST
       10:00 PM MST
       11:00 PM CST
       12:00 midnight EST

 Radio Station: WCCO AM 830, Minneapolis

 Internet: WCCO AM 830 Web Site
 (Click on "Listen LIVE".)

I can't tell you what we will be talking about.  I
can, however, promise you it will be interesting.

"Economics Explained" Columns

Economics is the study of monetary systems and how
they are used to meet mankind's needs and wants.
As such, economics covers a huge territory,

-- Allocation of resources
-- Production, distribution, consumption of goods & services
-- Effects of changes on individuals and on groups of people
-- Managing the supply of money
-- Controlling the distribution of wealth
-- Administering local, regional, and national resources
-- International trade and financing

In August, 2001 I started to write a regular
economics column, which I called "Economics
Explained".  I was promised that I would be able
to write about anything I wanted, so the results
have proven to be idiosyncratic and interesting.
The columns are published by the Santa Barbara
Independent newspaper and you can read them

Economics Explained columns


"The nature of the economy is that it is always
changing.  Over the long term, economic changes
come in cycles, in which a period of 'expansion'
is followed by a period of 'contraction'..."
- Economics Explained: August 29, 2011

"In the 1950s, being cool was for the chosen few:
those who could swim with the popular culture but
somehow remain detached, watching from the
sidelines with ironic disdain. In the late 1960s,
coolness became much less exclusive, morphing into
a zeitgeist of immersion as vast numbers of young
adults chose to live in a counterculture of music,
psychoactive drugs, free sex, and idealistic
- Economics Explained: October 20, 2011

Holidays and Celebrations

People love holidays and celebrations. Throughout
history, every culture, every society and every
religion has always had special days and

Now that the annual winter holiday season has just
finished, I bet you are wondering where all our
holidays come from.  Well, wonder no longer.  I
have the answer on my special Holiday Web site:

Holidays and Celebrations

When you visit, you will find the following:

1. The Official Origin of Our Holidays and

2. Is There a Santa Claus?

3. Harley Hahn's Internet Yellow Pages: Holidays
   and Celebrations

4. Santa Barbara, California, Holiday Light Tour

-- Harley Hahn