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    February 11, 2012


"We spend the first two years of our life
 learning how to talk and the rest of
 our life learning how to listen."

 -- Harley Hahn

Love and Economics

When applied properly, the fundamental principles
of economics can significantly enhance the quality
of an intimate relationship.


"Dear Men:

"From time to time, you will have conversations
with your wife or girlfriend regarding what is
expected of you on special days like Valentine's
Day, her birthday, and your anniversary.  Such
discussions can be confusing, as women often
express themselves in ways that can be difficult
for a man to understand.  What makes this so
important is that, on such occasions, the penalty
for missing your cues can be severe.

"For this reason, I am going to show you how to
deconstruct a typical Valentine's Day
conversation, and turn it into a set of rational,
straightforward, unambiguous ideas that are easy
to understand.  What I am about to teach you is
based on well-established economic principles, as
well as years of trial and error, careful
observation, and scientific testing..."

Love and Economics

-- Harley Hahn