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Stories by Harley Hahn

Welcome to Stories by Harley Hahn. To read a story, just click on it's name. If you want to browse, there are short previews below.

The stories are quite different from one another, so I think you'll enjoy reading them all.


Holly sat quietly behind the desk, her hands folded neatly in her lap. She turned to the left and looked out the large wide window. It would, she decided, be her favorite window in the house...


"There is no place more lonely," thought Kristyn, "than a big city."

Usually, she liked Christmas in the city, but this year was not a good one. In many ways, her life was unfolding comfortably — slowly most of the time; in rapid, jerky sideways movements at other times; but this year — this Christmas was not a good one because Mike was slipping away..."


How nice it was just to sit on a bench, watch the ocean, and think of nothing, thought Nicole. There had been altogether too much to think about in the last three months.

Just looking back was scary. She couldn't believe all that had happened, all that she had been through, even when most of it hadn't happened to her. What if...? she used to ask herself. What if she had done something differently? What if she had forced Robert to stay longer with her? Would everything have been different? Certainly he wouldn't have been in the exact place on that exact day...

Whatever That Is (a story for children)

Once upon a time, there were two young Swedish girls, Maria and Ann-Kristin. It was the beginning of summer, and they had just arrived at Maria's family's summerhouse.

They were walking around, gathering wildflowers in the field behind the house, something had not done since last year, when a neighbor, Sonya, come up to them and said...

Samantha and Gamle Nalle (a story for children & adults)

Samantha looked at the box in the window of the store. It reminded her of the box in which her old bear Gamle Nalle lived in her dresser drawer. The window was decorated with holiday lights, toys, and banners. It had been a long time since Samantha had celebrated the winter holidays...

Samantha watched as Gamle Nalle's face lit up brightly. "A jacket," he said, "a wonderful jacket. It's just what I wanted. May I try it on right now?"...

Kalissa and the Elimeno (a story for children)

One day, not so long ago, Kalissa was sitting in her room looking at a storybook. The weather was a bit gray and cloudy, so Kalissa thought she would stay inside for the afternoon. Her father was at work and her mother was shopping...

Kalissa was all alone and she was bored...

Makayla's Birthday Wishes (a story for children)

Makayla had two birthday wishes. First, she wanted everyone to spell her name with a Y. Some people spelled her name exactly right:


A lot of people, however, spelled her name without a Y...

Her Last Cookie

I recently received a package from an old college friend of mine, Albert Gendeau. I hadn't seen Gendeau for 25 years, not since I was an undergraduate, studying math and computer science at the University of Waterloo in Canada.

Gendeau — a graduate student — was assigned to be my roommate, so I got to know him well. He was a thin, wispy, almost insignificant looking follow, with a brilliant, strangely creative mind. Although he was somewhat lacking in social graces, Gendeau became well-known around the dormitory, as he loved to invent new ways to startle and amuse his fellows...

Late One Night (a story for adults)

It was 2 A.M. The computer lab was deserted except for Robert, and that was just the way he liked it. He enjoyed spending long amounts of time in the lab, and he didn't like company. He had taken to coming in late at night, and as a matter of fact, it had been over two weeks since he had last seen any of his co-workers...

What Is The Ideal Dog?

On Thursday, May 29, 2003, I traveled to Los Angeles for the day. The occasion was a trade convention called BookExpo America, and the reason I went was to talk to a publisher about a book deal.

I had arranged to meet the publisher in the early evening, but I arrived at the convention center with several hours to spare. The extra time was not a problem, as I was working on a new book for which I had recorded some interviews, and I had brought a small tape recorder, so I could listen to the tapes.

So, machine in hand, I wandered down one of the hallways, looking for an empty room in which I might pass some time alone...

Not a "Mad" Man

It had been a dark and stormy night.

She sat next to me, in front of the blazing fire, a thoughtful glass of 40-year-old brandy in her hand. She looked wistfully into the flames, swirling the brandy absentmindedly, caught up in some strange world of her own...