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      July 9, 2003


"Life is a game, and you get one point
 for every sunset you watch."

 -- Harley Hahn

Online Discussion With Harley

One of the disadvantages I have in being a writer
is that it's difficult for me to talk to my

To be sure, my readers can send me email, but I
am so busy that it often takes a long time for me
to answer. Even then, email is not the same as a
real conversation.

What I would really like to be able to do is talk
to my readers in person.  (Well, once in a while,
anyway.)  On the Net, the next best thing is to
have an online discussion, in which people can
type questions for me to answer.

I took part in just such a discussion last
November and was able to get the transcript,
which I edited. We covered some interesting
ideas, so if you have a moment, you might want to
take a look.


Because this discussion was somewhat like an
interview, I have put in on the Web site among
the other interviews. If you like reading such
things, take a look at the full list:


-- Harley Hahn