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    December 22, 2003


"You are what you think."

 -- Harley Hahn

A Great Last-Minute Holiday Gift

There is still time to get the perfect holiday
gift for that special someone in your life who
loves to learn, explore, and think about life.

Order a gift subscription to my Web site, "The
Harley Hahn Experience", and your special someone
will have instant access to a a great deal of
informative, thought-provoking and entertaining
material, complete with thousands of live Internet

The Harley Hahn Experience contains the full text
of three of my books (including "Harley Hahn's
Internet Yellow Pages"), as well is a variety of
other features. Order now and you will have access
to the new 2004 Yellow Pages (coming very soon)
for no extra cost.

The Web site contains a huge amount of interesting

Once you have placed your order, just send me a
note with the name and email address of the person
for whom you are buying the gift, and I'll take
care of the rest.

A Book Gift for Someone Special

Do you know someone who might like to use the
Internet well, but doesn't yet feel completely
comfortable with it?

I bet they'd love a copy of my book "Harley Hahn's
Internet Advisor". In this book I explain
everything you need to know to use the Net,
starting from the very beginning. This book is
especially good for grandparents or parents, who
may not be used to using computers or the

Here is information about the book:


And here's the page to order a copy:

The cost is $25, which includes shipping anywhere in
the United States.

By the way, I'll be glad to autograph the book to
you or to anyone you want. After you complete your
order, just use the following Web page to send me
a message and tell me what you prefer.

If the book is a Christmas or Chanukah gift, let
me know and I'll send a personal email message
right away, so your friend or loved one will know
that a very special gift is on the way.

Is There a Santa Claus?

Is there a Santa Claus?

One hundred and six years ago, a young girl sent a
letter to a New York City newspaper, asking
whether or not there really was a Santa Claus.
Virginia's question was answered by an editorial
writer named Francis P. Church.

In the last hundred years, Church's editorial
("...Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus...")
has been reprinted countless times and has become
a firm part of the Christmas mythos.

But was Church's answer really a good one?

Frankly, I don't think so. I think the editorial
was silly and condescending. Bah Humbug!

But don't take my word for it. Read the original
essay, and then compare it to my answer to the same


-- Harley Hahn