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      June 11, 2004


"All of wisdom is not in one place."

 -- Harley Hahn

An Artist From Iran

Some time ago I got an unusual email message. One
of my readers from Iran sent me a picture of a
painting he had done. He had read one of my books
and he looked upon me as one of his teachers so,
as a gesture of respect, he painted a portrait of

I found our correspondence interesting, because I
could see similarities between the two of us as
well as significant differences.

I decided to create a Web page to show people the
painting (which is a good one) and to share some
of the thoughts I know Iranians want other people
to understand.


"Many of my readers are talented and, from time to
time, they send me samples of their work. Below,
you will see a painting done by one of my readers
in Iran.

"(I have been fortunate to have some of my books
translated into Farsi, the national language of
Iran, so many people there know my work.)

"The artist is Ali Baharestany, whose nickname is
Danyal. As you can see, the painting is a portrait
of me. Danyal drew the picture from a photograph.
We have never met in person..."

An Artist From Iran

Reading: Close to the Machine, The Green Heart

As you may know, I keep a annotated list of what I
read, and you can visit it on my Web site whenever
you want.

I recently added a new book to the list, "Close to
the Machine" by Ellen Ullman, as well as a short
story, "The Green Hearth" by Jack Ritchie.

Take a look and see what I thought of them...

What is Harley Reading?

-- Harley Hahn