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      July 7, 2004


"Even the best surfer in the
 world can't control the wave."

 -- Harley Hahn

Taking Control

Have you noticed that life is hard?  And have you
also noticed that so many people have trouble
rising to the challenge?

Being able to live well starts with learning how
to take control of your thinking, your desires,
and your habits.

In this essay, I discuss how to think about
yourself in a way that will help you become a
mature, competent individual.


"There is a saying, 'The proof of the pudding is
in the tasting.' I say, 'The proof of the
philosophy is in the living.' So many people are
dissatisfied with the way their lives are
unfolding. They see themselves as automatons, as
pinballs ricochetting aimlessly. And somehow, the
plethora of pop psychologies, from cults to
seminars, from ancient books of wisdom to
contemporary best-sellers, fails to ameliorate.

"If the proof of the philosophy is truly in the
living, then it is clear that shallow
psychological and mystical double-talk is not the
key to enlightenment and peace of mind..."

Taking Control

Reading: Air Force One, The Negotiator

As you may know, I keep a annotated list of what I
read, and you can visit it on my Web site whenever
you want.

The two newest books are "Air Force One", a
history of U.S. presidential transportation, and
an international thiller called "The Negotiator".

Take a look and see what I thought of them...

What is Harley Reading?

-- Harley Hahn