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     October 5, 2004


"Men look at beautiful women, the way
 beautiful women look at carbohydrates."

 -- Harley Hahn

Name the Kitten Contest

Two and a half weeks ago, I adopted a cute, little
kitten. He was born in the wild and, at the age of
three weeks, was taken to a foster home where he
was cared for until I adopted him.

He's a wonderful little guy, but he doesn't have a

We talked it over, and he convinced me to have a
contest to name him.  He said that, since he is
such an important kitten, there should be an
important prize to the person who sends in the
best name.

"I have an idea," I said.  "I'll send out a notice
in my newsletter and invite people to make up a
name for you.  Then I can announce the winner in a
future newsletter."

"That sounds okay," he said, "but what about the
prize.  We need something real special."

"I have just the thing.  How about a free, one-
year's subscription to my premium Web site, The
Harley Hahn Experience?"

He looked at me.  "Is that the best you can do?
How about something good, like a can of tuna?"

"We don't have that many cans left," I said.  "We
can't afford to use them up -- unless you don't
mind going without tuna for a while."

He thought for a moment.  "Now that I consider the
situation more thoroughly, I think you're right. A
free subscription will be fine.  It is an awfully
good Web site, you know."

"My point exactly," I said.

"And there's no use wasting good tuna on someone
who may not even enjoy it...  By the way, do you
have the right time?  My watch seems to be running
slow.  It's just about time for dinner, isn't it?"


For more information, see...

The Name the Kitten Contest

Reading: Eat, Drink, and Be Merry; Ultimate Fitness

Walk through your local bookstore, and you'll find
more books devoted to health than there are
calories in a pound of hot, buttered groat

Here are two such books I read not long ago.
One of the books is worth reading; the other is
better left alone.

Take a look and see what I thought of them...

What is Harley Reading?

If you have not yet seen my guide to reading, here
is the main page:

Harley Hahn's Guide to Reading

-- Harley Hahn