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      June 23, 2010


"Whenever I want to hide the fact that
I have nothing original to say, instead
of reinventing the wheel, I simply use a

 -- Harley Hahn

Paintings on Display

Do you like abstract art?  If so, you may enjoy
looking at my paintings online:

Harley's Paintings

Through the end of this month (June 2010),
however, you can also see my paintings in person.
I have several paintings on display -- including
one of my favorites, "The Mesa Art Festival Mural"
-- at an art gallery in Santa Barbara, California.
The address and phone number are:

  Caruso Woods Contemporary Art Gallery
  813 Anacapa Street
  Santa Barbara, CA 93101

The Mesa Art Festival Mural


Home Page & Site Map: New Design

For a long time, the Harley Hahn home page has
been out of date.  For one thing, the photo of me
showed me with a beard, which I haven't had for
some time.  The photo also showed me holding my
cat, The Little Nipper, who, unfortunately, passed
away six years ago.

In addition, the old home page featured an image
of the cover from one of my old books, "Harley
Hahn's Internet Yellow Pages".

Redoing the home page was a lot of work, but it is
now finished:

Harley Hahn Home Page

On the right, you will see a brand new photo,
showing me with my new cat, Little Weedly.  To the
left of the photo, you will see a set of links that
will lead you to the various parts of the Web site.
The idea is to let you find what you want quickly
and easily.

If you have a moment, please scroll down and take
a look at the rest of the page, where you will see
a full list of everything on the site.  I am sure
you will find something to interest you.  My guess
is you will find that exploring my site is a
perfect way to pass the time when you should be

At the same time I enhanced the home page, I did
the same for the Site Map.  When you have a moment,
do take a look at it.  This page is designed to
show you the entire contents of the Web site.

Harley Hahn Site Map

Before I forget, Little Weedly has asked me to
tell you two things.  First, his 6th birthday is
on July 12 (2010).  Second, he has his own Web
site, which he would like you to visit:

Little Weedly's Web Site


- Abraham Lincoln -
 - Genghis Kahn -

For some time now, I have been writing essays
about interesting people.  This has proven to be a
particularly popular feature on the Web site.
I recently added two new pages you may find
interesting.  I discuss Abraham Lincoln, the U.S.
President during the American Civil War, and
Genghis Kahn, the most extraordinary military
leader in history.

"Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865), the 16th president
of the United States, was the most beloved and
respected leader in American history.  Examine
Lincoln's life and you will see that he was
honest, wise, intelligent, compassionate and hard-
working.  Moreover, he had a rare combination of
integrity, persistence and political skill that
would be difficult to overpraise... "

Interesting People: Abraham Lincoln

"If you were to visit Mongolia today, you would
find most of the area unoccupied, with only small
bands of nomadic herdsman tending their flocks --
somehow managing to survive the dust storms,
drought, forest fires, and harsh winters.  In fact,
they would be leading virtually the same life as
their ancestors did a century ago.  And yet, there
was a time when this isolated, desolate country
was the center of the greatest land empire the
world has ever known..."

Interesting People: Genghis Kahn

For a full list of the interesting people I have
written about, see the home page.

Interesting People: home page

"An interesting person is one whose life is worth
studying for three reasons..."

-- Harley Hahn