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       May 16, 2013


"The world is full of lonely people who
 thought they had to be right."

 -- Harley Hahn

Holly (a story)

It is natural to dream about finding the man or
woman of your dreams.  But what happens after you

Learning to understand someone else is a slow,
sometimes difficult process, one that can lead to
misunderstandings and frustration.  Once you begin
to integrate your dream person into your regular
life, you find that there is a lot you need to
learn about one other.

In the meantime, how do you adjust to the moods
and needs of a special person, someone you like a
great deal but whom you really don't know?


"Holly sat quietly behind the desk, her hands
folded neatly in her lap. She turned to the left
and looked out the large wide window. It would,
she decided, be her favorite window in the

Holly (continue reading)

Harley Hahn Interview #3 by Mischke

Over the years, I have been interviewed many
times. Three of these interviews, however, stand
out in my memory as being most extraordinary. They
are the long, fascinating conversations I had with
radio host T.D. Mischke.

Mischke (as he is generally known) is one of the
most interesting and talented radio hosts I have
ever met. He has been broadcasting late at night
from the U.S. Midwest since January 1994 and, in
that time, he has gathered a huge cult following
that extends throughout many American states and
into Canada. (At night, 50,000-watt radio signals
travel a long way.)  You can also listen to him
over the Internet.

So far, I have done three interviews with Mischke:

• Interview #1  February 1, 2011
• Interview #2  January 1, 2012
• Interview #3  December 19, 2012

Let me invite you now to listen to Interview #3.
(The other two will be available soon.)

Harley Hahn interview #3 by Mischke

When you visit this page, you will see a link to
listen to the interview, as well as a summary of
the topics we discussed during the interview.

Donations to Support the Harley Hahn Web Site

If you have spent much time exploring my Web site,
you will know that I designed it to be peaceful
and easy-to-read, with no advertisements.

Because it is a non-commercial site, I would
appreciate it if you could take a moment to make a
donation to support my work:

Donate money to support the Harley Hahn Web site

If you would like more information, take a look at:

13 Reasons to Support the Harley Hahn Web Site

Reason #2 (from the list):

"A long-term study at a major university found
that the overall satisfaction couples derived from
their relationships was directly proportional to
the amount of money they donated to The Harley
Hahn Web Site."

-- Harley Hahn