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Economics Explained

I originally wrote the following short essays, as well as some much longer ones (#18, #22, #23) as a series of newspaper columns.

From time to time, as I write new essays, I add to the list, with the newest ones at the top. I think you will find them stimulating.

23.Understanding Gross Domestic Product (GDP)   NEW 
22.Understanding Bankruptcy
21.Mortgages and Christmas Gifts
20.Retained Earnings, Stock Repurchase, and Dividends
19.Libor: The Global Interest Rate Benchmark
18.How Thinking Affects Investing
17.You Can Be Part of the 1 Percent
16.Money Desensitization
15.How the U.S. Federal Reserve Creates and Destroys Money
14.Love and Economics
13.How to Think About Money
12.What Is Money?
11.Time, Money, and the Bail Out of Southern Europe
10.The Stock Market and Faith
9.Why Occupy Los Angeles Should Occupy Your Heart
8.I Have Seen the Future and It Is Leigh
7.Occupy the Future
6.The End of the Gold Standard
5.How Much Money Is There in the United States?
4.When Will the Economy Recover?
3.What Is a Recession?
2.The Power of Sovereign Credit Ratings
1.Using Information Indicators to Recognize a Recovery